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Libera nos - The Cry of the Oppressed


(signum: SIGCD338)

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Requiem: Tributes to Josquin Desprez

Richafort: Requiem - Tributes to Josquin Desprez

The King's Singers

(signum: SIGCD326)

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Word Unspoken

The Word Unspoken


(signum: SIGCD295)

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New Venetian Coronation 1595

A New Venetian Coronation, 1595

Gabrieli Consort & Players

(signum: SIGCD287)

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Requiem Mass 1605

Victoria: Requiem Mass, 1605


(signum: SIGCD248)

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Various: Dialogues of Sorrow

Dialogues of Sorrow - Passions on the Death of Prince Henry


(signum: SIGCD210)

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Hymns Psalms & Lamentations: Sacred Music

Hymns, Psalms & Lamentations


(signum: SIGCD134)

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Vox in Rama

Vox in Rama - Giaches de Wert

Collegium Regale

(signum: SIGCD131)

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Golden Age

The Golden Age

The King's Singers

(signum: SIGCD119)

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Tallis: Music at Reformation

Thomas Tallis: Music for Queen Mary

Chapelle du Roi

(signum: SIGCD003)

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