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Invisible from a secluded place


(Christophorus: CHR77430)

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Bis an der Welt ihr Ende


(Christophorus: CHR77410)

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Franz Vitzthum

(Christophorus: CHR77388)

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Lechner: Geistliche Festmusik

ensemble officium

(christophorus: CHR77367)

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Colours in the Dark - The Instrumental Music of Alexander Agricola

Ensemble Leones

(Christophorus: CHR77368)

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Weynacht Gesaenge

Weynacht Gesaenge


(Christophorus: CHR77364)

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Ein Frolich Wesen

Isaac: Ein frölich wesen - Secular & textless music

Les Flamboyants

(Christophorus: CHR77360)

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Luther in Rome:Anno 1511

Luther in Rom - Der Klang der Ewigen Stadt anno 1511

Concerto Romano

(Christophorus: CHR77361)

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Le Maitre De Fricasee Secular  Music of Jean Japar

Le Maitre de Fricasée - Secular Music of Jean Japart

Les Flamboyants

(Christophorus: CHR77353)

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Cifra: Loreto Vespers

Antonio Cifra: The Loreto Vespers

ensemble officium, Instrumenta Musica

(Christophorus: CHR77321)

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