Byrd 1588

stellaceli on 2021.05.23 | Inventa |

Byrd 1588
Alamire, Fretwork
(Inventa: INV1006)

Byrd: O God give ear
Byrd: Mine eyes with fervency of sprite
Byrd: My soul oppressed with care and grief
Byrd: O Lord how long wilt thou forget
Byrd: O Lord who in thy sacred tent
Byrd: O you that hear this voice
Byrd: Ambitious love
Byrd: Although the heathen poets
Byrd: My mind to me a kingdom is
Byrd: Farewell false love
Byrd: If women could be fair
Byrd: Who likes to love
Byrd: La verginella
Byrd: Lullaby, my sweet little baby
Byrd: All as a sea
Byrd: Prostrate O Lord I lie
Byrd: Come to me grief forever

Byrd: Even from the depth
Byrd: Blessed is he that fears the Lord
Byrd: How shall a young man prone to ill
Byrd: Help Lord for wasted are those men
Byrd: Lord in thy wrath reprove me not
Byrd: Though Amaryllis dance in green
Byrd: Constant Penelope
Byrd: I joy not in earthly bliss
Byrd: As I beheld I saw a herdman wild
Byrd: Where fancy fond
Byrd: What pleasure have great princes
Byrd: In fields abroad
Byrd: The match that’s made
Byrd: Why do I use my paper ink and pen
Byrd: Care for thy soul
Byrd: Susanna Fair
Byrd: If that a sinner’s sighs
Byrd: O that most rare breast

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